And he looks good in a suit.

genderfluid ★ german ★ 20 ★ INFP
Cosplayer ★ writer ★ Jack/Ianto ★ destiel ★ mishasminion ★ waiting for my doctor

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Make Me Chooserudennotgingr asked: Ten in his tux or in the blue suit?


Make Me Choose
rudennotgingr asked: Ten in his tux or in the blue suit?

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If a dead ancestor doesn’t appear in the sky to stop me, it can’t be that bad of a decision

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Misha Collins, Jus In Bello V, 2014

Photography by me

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20th August 2014
I started my day with staying in bed until 1pm, watching Gronkhs Sims 3 Lets Play and noming on some sweets until like 3pm when we headed to town because my mom had another doctors appointment… so I took my chance and looked through the stores because I still needed a matching belt for my Rum Tum Tugger Cosplay! didn’t find one, dang… but we ended up getting more MÜLLER Milk for me and then we headed back home c: then Karen told me about the wig commission for our CATS Cosplays! yes, finally! can’t wait til it’s finished! and I found a perfect solution for the fur around Tuggers neck - just ordered a fake-fur scarf which colors look exactly like the ones in the muscial <3 now I only need to figure out the thing with painting the body, making the tail and doing the makeup xD
and I spent the rest of the day watching CATS (once again) - I can’t help myself but it’s such a wonderful piece of art and omg. ♥ (I’ve been listening to ‘Rum Tum Tugger' and 'Mr Mistoffelees' all day btw.)

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NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE. Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly.


5 nice things…? dang. uhm…
- I’m a good listener?
- I have awesome friends
- I’m quick with solving problems?
- I’m openminded and don’t judge people
- I’m loyal

… was that okay? I can’t really come up with good things because… yeah, I don’t really like myself :/

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TW: When You’re Gone by PigeonMaestro

TW: When You’re Gone by PigeonMaestro

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Cas, Tugger & John Locke hehe x

fuck: Tugger (seriously, he’s HOT.)
marry: John (he’s adorable and awesome and asdfghjkl)
kill: Cas (angels can’t die, Cas will come back D: … I hope. AND I DON’T HAVE AN ANGEL BLADE SO I CAN’T KILL HIM ANYWAY :D)
(Ihateyou… :/)

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